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Voluntary Service: still thriving in northern Alberta as a ‘presence’

David Kubovsky is talking about Fair Trade products from Kenya to a student group.

During World War II, the Historic Peace Churches in the U.S. negotiated “Alternate Service” options for Conscientious Objectors (“COs”).  As followers of Jesus, they saw military service as disregarding his example of nonviolence, and his clear admonition to “love your enemies.”

Chaco Mennonites come under fire for deforestation

The United Nations has initiated a program to begin paying developing countries to stop cutting down their forests. --Photo from REDD

A major US newspaper reporter has pointed the finger, once again, at Mennonites in the Paraguayan Chaco for massive deforestation, clearing the land for grazing large herds of beef cattle, a major export for the small country.  Simon Romero of the New York Times picked up the story March 24 begun by the Guardian newspaper of the United Kingdom two years earlier.


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