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FAQ for Church Administrators

What is Canadian Mennonite?

Canadian Mennonite connects the people of Mennonite Church Canada as well as others, with a monthly magazine and online media. It provides channels for sharing church news, faith profiles, inspirational/educational material, opinion columns and church milestones. We seek to build up relationships across the church. 


What is the Every Home Plan (EHP)?

Anyone who attends a Mennonite Church Canada congregation may subscribe to Canadian Mennonite. The cost is paid for collectively through the church. Church administrators are responsible for the subscription lists within their own congregations: keeping names and addresses updated, adding and deleting subscriptions as needed. In some cases, congregations may ask for issues to be sent as a bulk mailing to the church.


What about people who don't attend our church?

Canadian Mennonite sells individual subscriptions to people who are not part of a Mennonite Church Canada congregation. Click to read about personal subscriptions. We offer a discount to groups of five or more subscribers within the same congregation, regardless of denominatonal affiliation.


What is the difference between print and digital subscriptions?

Delivery method. Every subscription includes the following delivery options:

  • print-only – we mail the print magazine 22 times per year. The print magazine comes out biweekly except in June, July, August and December, when there is only 1 print issue

  • digital-only – we email a PDF of the print magazine 22 times, plus email four digital-only e-zines in the months when there is one print issue.

  • print and digital – we mail the print magazine as well as email a PDF to the subscriber, plus email the four digital-only issues in the summer and in December.

Many people get both print and digital because they prefer to read a print magazine but like the quick arrival of a digital product.

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