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We welcome your comments and publish most letters from subscribers. Letters, to be kept to 300 words or less, are the opinion of the writer only and are not to be taken as endorsed by this magazine or the church. Please address issues rather than individuals; personal attacks will not appear in print or online. All letters are edited for length, style and adherence to editorial guidelines. Send them to and include the author’s contact information and mailing address. Preference is given to letters from MC Canada congregations.

Submissions: Please send other material to be considered for publication to the addresses below. Please also see our submission guidelines to increase your chances of publication.

Material can also be sent by postal mail to our head office. Please indicate: “Attn: Submissions / Letter to the Editor/Milestones / Obituaries / Calendar”

Reprint permissions: All text and photographs published in the magazine is either copyright by the author or by the magazine itself, if the content is a staff-written piece. Please contact us to seek reprint rights at

Board of directors: Canadian Mennonite is governed by its board of directors. Kathryn Lymburner is chair of the board. To reach Kathryn, email

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Head Office Staff

Tobi Thiessen
Will Braun
Susan Fish
Associate Editor & Senior Writer

A.S. Compton
Editorial Assistant
Anne Boese
Graphic Designer

Ben Thiessen
Advertising Representative
Lorna Aberdein
Circulation, Donations and General Inquiries
Graham Aberdein

Staff Correspondents

Amy Rinner Waddell
B.C. Correspondent
Madalene Arias
Eastern Canada Correspondent

Katie Doke Sawatzky
Alberta/Saskatchewan Correspondent

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