Privacy Policy


(UPDATED JULY 10, 2019)


Canadian Mennonite Publishing Service, Inc. (“CMPS”) is the owner, operator and publisher of Canadian Mennonite magazine (the “magazine”).

CMPS considers the privacy of its donors, subscribers and readership to be of paramount importance.  CMPS has taken all steps reasonably necessary to ensure your privacy is maintained, including the drawing up and implementation of this Policy in full compliance with applicable legislation, notably Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, S.C. 2000, c.5 (“PIPEDA”) as amended and supplemented by the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation, S.C. 2010, c.23 (“CASL”) and the various PIPEDA Regulations. 

A summary of the ten privacy principles established by PIPEDA, which we must strive to comply with, is attached to this Policy as Appendix A.  The content of this Policy is based on these principles. 


1.1 What information do we collect? – personal, identification, contact, banking, password, demographic, digital content usage.  See Section 4.

1.2 Why do we collect it? – deliver subscriptions, communicate with you, improve content and user experience, facilitate donations, administer employment benefits, confirm identity, undertake financial transactions.  See Section 4.

1.3 Who do we share your information with? – only our mailing and publishing partners.  Your data may be kept in cloud-based storage outside Canada but we will always take great care to ensure it is secure.  See Sections 8 (third parties), 9 (electronic data), and 10 (storage).

1.4 What are the risks of harm and how do we mitigate these? – generally the kind of data handling we undertake is low risk.  But, we take precautions to ensure your information is only used where necessary and is removed from our systems as soon as possible after its purpose has expired.  We are required to mandatorily report any breaches of privacy to the Privacy Commissioner.  See Sections 5 (consent), 7 (retention time), 10 (storage), and 13 (mandatory reporting).

If you are concerned about what information we have or the accuracy of such information, we have prescribed processes for addressing your concerns.  See Sections 11 (access), 12 (accuracy), and 14 (complaints).



If you have any concerns about how your information is collected, used, disclosed or stored by CMPS, please contact our designated Privacy Officer:


Phone:             +1 (800) 378-2524 extension 228


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