Volume 26 Issue 19

Change ahead

(Photo by Gaelle Marcel/Unsplash)

I once knew a young child for whom change was extremely difficult. Whether the change came as a surprise or whether the child anticipated the happy results of an expected change, it was hard to move from “here” to “there.” Change can be difficult for people of all ages.

Faithful constancy

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He might be the youth leader, enthusiastically singing the loudest, or the young mother protectively watching over her children as they run among the pews, or the strong-willed divorcée who is the staunch activist for women’s justice, or the angry old man suffering from cancer while his wife sits quietly beside him. What they share is they are all survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

A narrative of hope

(Photo by Dayne Topkin/Unsplash)

This fall is unlike any fall in my memory. As a new Mennonite pastor, I am entering this fall listening to the hearts and minds of the congregation at Foothills Mennonite Church and helping discern how our church lives faithfully within our neighbourhood and beyond.

A tale of two clans

(Photo by Ralph [Ravi] Kayden/Unsplash)

This summer, I attended two family reunions separated by one week. The Olferts, my paternal family, gathered at Pike Lake for several days, while the Warkentins, the maternal side, met a week later at Shekinah, a church camp near my home.

Canadian Mennonite online event will explore Indigenous-settler reconciliation

Drummers welcome walkers at the Kwantlen Nation Longhouse, Fort Langley, B.C., to begin the Walk in the Spirit of Reconciliation on May 31, 2019. (Photo by Ian Funk/CM Files)

The second event in a series of online discussions that Canadian Mennonite is hosting will take place on Zoom on Wednesday, Oct. 5 at 8 p.m. ET.

Hosted by Aaron Epp, CM’s online media manager, the discussion will explore Indigenous-settler relations and some of the concrete steps Canadian Mennonites are taking to further reconciliation.

‘Under the tall, tall trees of Camp Valaqua’

Gathering from across Canada, Mennonite youth, sponsors, volunteers and parents took part in Amplify! at Camp Valaqua. (Photo by Dan Driedger)

Guest speaker Christy Anderson challenges youth to work toward reconciliation. (Photo by Joani Neufeldt)

Canadian Mennonite University organized a campfire at Camp Valaqua for youth participants at Mennonite Church Canada’s Amplify! gathering this summer. (Photo by Joani Neufeldt)

Worship times happen under a large tent. (Photo by Joani Neufeldt)

Worship (Photo by Joani Neufeldt)

Left to right: Mackenzie Hildebrand, Louisa Adria and Danika Warkentin lead the group in times of worship. (Photo by Joani Neufeldt)

During free time campers do crafts, including rock painting. (Photo by Joani Neufeldt)

Youth assembled MCC school kits as a service project. (Photo by Mel Harms)

During free time campers do crafts, including rock painting. (Photo by Joani Neufeldt)

From July 31 to Aug 4, 132 youth, sponsors, volunteers, parents and planning committee members from across Canada gathered under the tall, tall trees of Camp Valaqua to learn, worship and fellowship, at the Mennonite Church Canada youth gathering Amplify!

Three youths reflect on their experience at Amplify!

Ethan Willms and Kai Willms (Photo by Deanna Willms)

Dinner in the dining hall. (Photo by Joani Neufeldt)

Guest speaker Christy Anderson challenges youth to work toward reconciliation. (Photo by Joani Neufeldt)

Campers learn new songs and actions at Amplify! (Photo by Joani Neufeldt)

Ethan Willms
Foothills Mennonite Church, Calgary

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend Amplify! at Camp Valaqua. This was an amazing experience for me, and it left me wanting more.

Will Braun appointed as CM’s new executive editor

Will Braun will be Canadian Mennonite’s next executive editor. (Photo courtesy of Will Braun)

Will Braun will be Canadian Mennonite’s next executive editor.

Canadian Mennonite Publishing Service Inc. hired Braun, who has spent the last decade as CM’s senior writer, to lead its magazine and digital news services, beginning on Nov. 1. Braun succeeds Virginia A. Hostetler, who is retiring after five-and-a-half years in the role.

The power of language

Anna Nekola (left) and Jubilee Dueck Thiessen (right)

How have you experienced gendered language? Has certain language hurt you or made you feel welcome and safe? These are some of the questions that students reflected on in a recent peer-led survey about Canadian Mennonite University (CMU).

‘Finding God in uncertain times’

Donita Wiebe-Neufeld leads members of Edmonton First Mennonite Church on a mushroom tour at their fall retreat at Camp Valaqua near Water Valley, Alta., from Sept. 2 to 4. (Photo by Jessica Evans)

Edmonton First Mennonite Church has a long-standing tradition of holding its fall retreat every Labour Day long weekend at Camp Valaqua. For the first time in two years, members were once again able to come together and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and spend time in each other’s company.

Vineland church goes ‘cruising on Menno Street’

One of the vintage cars on display during Vineland United Mennonite Church’s ‘Cruising on Menno Street’ event on Aug. 12, that also included a barbecue supper in the parking lot. (Photo by Maria H. Klassen)

“Cruising on Menno Street” was the theme of an outdoor event staged by Vineland United Mennonite Church on Aug. 12.

Many restored and polished vintage cars were on display in the church parking lot. Cars were labelled with the name, year, special features and owner’s name. Automobile owners answered visitors’ questions and even gave a few rides.

It’s a ‘God thing’

Pictured from left to right: Daniil Dolozin, Olga Nesterenko, Violetta, Nataliia and Timofey Dolozin in front of their new residence in Leamington, Ont. (Photo by Charlotte Lane)

Pictured from left to right: Artem, Oleg and Nadiia Kulachko at Pearson International Airport in Toronto after their arrival from Poland. (Photo by Charlotte Lane)

It is amazing what can happen when a few friends get together.

Growing old with grace and gratitude

Staff of Menno Place bade farewell to Ingrid Schultz, right, along with fellow chaplain Ingrid Stahl, who both retired at the same time over the summer. (Photo courtesy of Ingrid Schultz)

Ingrid Schultz, who recently retired as one of three chaplains at Menno Place in Abbotsford, will never forget the succinct advice one of her instructors told her during chaplaincy training: “Shut your mouth and open your heart.”

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