Volume 20 Issue 22

Instilling faith at home

At times we have been both inspired and overwhelmed by the parenting books that crowd bookstore and library shelves. We have also found useful advice, and a dauntingly high bar, in countless parenting blogs and social media posts. This abundance of resources is one indication that we live in a society that takes child-rearing very seriously.


A 1978 car wash at Mennonite Brethren Bible College in Winnipeg, Man. Pictured, Don Wiens, right, soaks Adrienne Wiebe, left. Car washes, bake sales, quilt raffles, pie auctions, coffee houses, work days, cookbooks, and chocolate and cookie drives are methods that churches and church-related institutions have used to raise funds. There are so many good causes to financially support.

‘Social media: The good, the bad and the beautiful’

Paul Heidebrecht, left, the director of Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement at Conrad Grebel University College, discusses David Balzer’s presentation on social media with him during Rockway Mennonite Collegiate’s Spiritual Emphasis Week on Sept. 28. (Photo by Dave Rogalsky)

Selfies just might be God’s idea. Remember, you are smarter than your smartphone. What if virtue went viral?

Reaching out to help other people

Being involved on campus at the University of Manitoba is important to Johise Namwira. (Photo courtesy of Johise Namwira)

Johise Namwira, pictured with two of her students, Ester Nyelele, left, and Ephemie Sumaili, says karate has given her the confidence and drive to succeed. (Photo courtesy of Johise Namwira)

Johise Namwira’s acting credits include a role on the CBC adventure-crime show, The Pinkertons. (Photo courtesy of Johise Namwira)

Johise Namwira, 19, was born in the Congo. (Photo by Aaron Epp)

For Johise Namwira, being a student and being an activist go hand in hand.

Devastation in Haiti: ‘Yesterday, we lost everything’

When rushing water of the River Gris, overflowing with rain from Hurricane Matthew, washed away Sarditren Dete’s and Antovan Enit’s houses and possessions, it destroyed their livelihoods too.

“Yesterday we lost everything: our chickens, our pig and our garden. This is how I eat, this is how I feed my children, this is how I keep them safe at night,” Dete said.

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