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The REAL thing at Bethany College

Matthew Bergen creates large graffiti art for Bethany College’s retreat.

Every February, high school students from across Canada brave the cold, snow, and winter wind to make the trip to Hepburn, Saskatchewan for Bethany College’s Youth Advance (YA)! Bethany’s annual youth retreat brings people together to be challenged through dynamic teaching, drama, music, art and loads of fun activities.

Seduced by our abundance

Walter Brueggemann inspires School for Leadership Training participants to move beyond the drive to accumulate toward accepting God’s gracious abundance.

Beware of seduction by accumulation. That was one of the money issues explored by Walter Brueggemann, a world-renowned Old Testament scholar, in talks to as many as 700 people gathered at Eastern Mennonite University (EMU) Jan. 16 through 18.

Mennonites writing in Canada: The first 50 years

Rudy Wiebe is pictured after his reading at Conrad Grebel University College with moderator Hildi Froese Tiessen, professor of English and peace and conflict studies. Wiebe kicked off Grebel’s Celebrating Mennonite Literature reading series on Jan. 11.

The chapel at Conrad Grebel University College was packed to hear renowned Mennonite author Rudy Wiebe read through his life of writing on Jan. 11, 50 years after his 1962 novel, Peace Shall Destroy Many, was published.

Billy Graham meets the evangelist of outrage

Billy Graham chats with President Obama

I recently received two books by authors in their 90s: Nearing Home by Billy Graham, and Time for Outrage by Stéphane Hessel, a retired French diplomat and concentration camp survivor who helped draft the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. Each book conveys a strong sense of mission and each is made more compelling by the author’s age.

Making dreams real

I am crocheting a baby afghan. The soft, multi-coloured yarn slides through my fingers. I catch it on the end a hook, spin and loop it into the expanding blanket. My cat lies beside me, sometimes taking a swipe at the tantalizing string, but mostly curled up sleeping.

Readers write

Come to the defence of ‘God’s great gift’

In the beginning—13.7 billion years ago—God created the heavens, also known as the universe; 4.5 billion years ago God created our planet, Earth. Life began on Earth some 700,000 years later, with human beings—homo sapiens—appearing in Africa some 70,000 to 100,000 years ago.

Is technology enriching our worship?

Youth worship at Charlotte 2005

Andy Brubacher Kaethler currently teaches and directs the !Explore program at Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary, Elkhart, Ind.

Technology is the single most significant characteristic of modern western culture. Canadian philosopher George Grant contends it has long displaced democracy and capitalism as top identifiers. Technology directly shapes Christian belief and practice in ways we must at the very least question, if not actively resist.

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