Number 21

Bethany College takes classroom on the road

Students from Bethany College, Hepburn, Sask., learn about First Nations culture by helping to put up a tipi at the Beardy’s and Okemasis First Nation, Duck Lake, Sask.

Kaeli Fineday and Randy Klassen enjoy the camping experience.

Bethany College students had the privilege of participating in a First Nations Culture Camp in September.

Students from Bethany College, Hepburn, Sask., spent Sept. 19-27 learning outside the classroom. While first-year students learned about poverty and homelessness by working in food banks and shelters in various cities, second-year students visited three Cree communities in Saskatchewan.

Meet the church in South Africa

Andrew and Karen Suderman, Mennonite Church Canada workers in South Africa, are hosting a Learning Tour Feb. 6-19. They have been in Pietermaritzburg since 2009 and their daughter, Samantha, was born there.

Spectacular water falls. A sweeping, ruggedly beautiful coastline. Exotic wildlife, sophisticated cities and an endless variety of cultures. These are some of the treasures attracting visitors to South Africa. But these treasures coexist with the long and painful history of South Africa’s people.

Training to live generously

This summer, as I watched the Olympics, I was amazed by the performances of the athletes. I was even more impressed by the stories of determination, dedication and discipline. Years before competing at this level these athletes are determined to be the best. They dedicate their lives, and in many cases, their own resources, to achieve their goal.

For Discussion

1. Carol Penner says, “sinning against our neighbours once removed just doesn’t feel so bad.” Do you agree? Who might be a “neighbour once removed”? What might be some examples of sinning against such a neighbour? What is it about injuring someone close at hand that is abhorrent?

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