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October 24, 2012 | Feature | Number 21

1. Carol Penner says, “sinning against our neighbours once removed just doesn’t feel so bad.” Do you agree? Who might be a “neighbour once removed”? What might be some examples of sinning against such a neighbour? What is it about injuring someone close at hand that is abhorrent?

2. How is drone warfare different from conventional warfare? Is it better to use drones rather than a conventional army? If Canada used drones, would you feel responsible for the destruction they caused?

3. Penner says that for the person controlling a drone strike, it is “almost like a video game.” Why do you think killing is so prevalent in video games? Are the lines between reality and virtual reality becoming blurred? Are we all becoming more desensitized to violence?

4. Instead of increasing military spending, how might Canada work at building peace around the world? What can we as individuals do to promote peace in our neighbourhoods and our relationships?

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