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A new shepherd for MWC

The presidency of Mennonite World Conference (MWC) transferred from J. Nelson Kraybill (2015 to 2022) to president-elect Henk Stenvers (2022 to 2028) at GITJ Margokerto, Indonesia, as part of Assembly 17. Margokerto was one of the first colonies founded by Mennonite missionary P.A. Jansz for the evangelization of the region. The church hosted a dozen MWC guests for four days during Assembly 17 and broadcast the plenary speaker from this satellite location to the main stage at STT Sangkakala in Salatiga on July 8.

Assembly 17 faces barriers

Barriers of internet access and recording quality, of jetlag and illness, of language and culture stand in the way of Mennonite World Conference (MWC) assemblies, but in Indonesia on July 5, they did not prevent God’s people from worshipping together. “This marks a new way of doing assembly, where we can learn and fellowship in satellite locations and gather online in groups and families around the world,” said Paulus Widjaja, right, an MWC national advisory council member. He cautioned against fear, calling it “a great enemy” that causes people to exclude others.

Ukraine war shakes peace convictions, MWC assembly told

Sufi Islamic dancers participate in a July 6 Mennonite World Conference assembly worship service at Congdut GITJ Jepara, a Mennonite church in Central Java. (Mennonite World Conference photo)

Saying the war in Ukraine has shaken western European Mennonites’ commitment to nonviolence, a French pastor urged Mennonites from around the world to get off the sidelines and work for peace.

Hundreds of worshippers heard her message on July 6, the second day of the Mennonite World Conference (MWC) assembly in Salatiga, Indonesia.

MWC assembly crosses barriers to gather in Indonesia

A group of Javanese dancers perform on July 5 during the Mennonite World Conference assembly’s opening worship service at STT Seminary in Salatiga, Indonesia. (Meetinghouse photo by Kresna Kurniawan)

A colourful display of Javanese music, dance and shadow puppetry kicked off the Mennonite World Conference (MWC) assembly in Salatiga, Indonesia, on July 5.

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