Volume 27 Issue 23

Call and promise

Kohlrabi in the Wiederkehrs root cellar. (Photo courtesy of Theo Wiederkehr)

“I will give you shepherds after my own heart who will lead you with knowledge and understanding.”

This is God’s beautiful promise in Jeremiah. Indeed, we need shepherds after God’s heart.

Called to the work of the church

Selenna Wolfe (Photo by Nicolien Klassen-wiebe)

Kennedy Froese (left) and Valerie Alipova (right). (Supplied photos)

It might seem unlikely that young women would be drawn to church leadership and feel compelled to enter pastoral ministry. As young people, they are part of an underrepresented demographic in the church, one that is leaving organized religion in increasing numbers. As women, they have been barred for generations from leadership roles in the church and turned away from the pulpit.

Chapel at Canadian Mennonite Bible College

(Photo: Canadian Mennonite Bible College)

In 1975 the Conference of Mennonites in Canada built the chapel at Canadian Mennonite Bible College (now CMU). Rudy Friesen wrote in the Mennonite Mirror, April 1975, page 7: “It was agreed that the chapel should be simple and unadorned, yet strong and bold. . . . The large barn-like trusses on the inside continue this feeling of strength, and as such form the only decoration.

Can we talk about capitalism?

(Unsplash photo by Debora Bacheschi)

Do you celebrate Buy Nothing Day? For me it’s like a holy day, a short version of Lent—that disruption of the ordinary that makes me notice the taken-for-granted and the practices of the gospel.

The intent of Buy Nothing Day is that for a single day one does not purchase anything. No economic transactions. Live the day with whatever you have. Notice how it feels.

Part III: Succession

Cathrin van Sintern-Dick

John and Jean—not their real names—had long made plans to retire once John turned 65. They had dreams of travelling and spending more time with family, who lived far away. Plus, it simply was time to let go of their farm operation.

John’s retirement was two years away. The farming operation was held jointly with John’s brother, Pete, and Pete’s wife, Petra.

Consider the roots

Detroit Dark Red beets, Chantenay Red carrots, Chieftain potatoes, Yukon Gold potatoes and Lowell Ewert’s Jerusalem artichoke, all from the Wiederkehr garden. (Supplied photo)

The Wiederkehr root cellar, 2023. (Supplied Photo)

Harvesting kohlrabi. (Supplied photo)

Theo storing rutabaga. (Supplied photo)

Over the past two months, our household has spent a lot of time preparing root crops for storage: digging, trimming the tops and packing them in boxes of dry leaves to go in the cellar.

Practicing peace in a polarized world

The two-day conference attracted participants from across denominational and professional lines. (Photo by Emily Summach)

Tareq Hadhad, CEO of Peace by Chocolate, shares his story about fleeing Syria and coming to Canada. (Photo by Emily Summach)

Conference participants share a laugh. (Photo by Emily Summach)

Polarization was on the agenda as Mennonite Central Committee Alberta hosted its first-ever peace conference earlier this month.

Held November 3-4 in Calgary, “In Tune: Finding Harmony in a Polarized World” attracted participants from across denominational and professional lines.

The song of Mary

The Visitation by Mariotto Albertinelli

Visitation, from Altarpiece of the Virgin (St Vaast Altarpiece). (Wikimedia Commons photo)

Mary, whose heart is full of things to ponder, goes to see her older relative Elizabeth in the hill country. Both are pregnant. Both are in on the secret of the Messiah. They are brimming with possibility and responsibility. They have both surrendered in a visceral, physical way to the flow of divine will.

Pastors gather for retreat

Pastors and their families gathered at Camp Squeah in November. (Photo by Keith St. Jean)

Twenty-seven Mennonite Church B.C. church leaders and their families gathered at Camp Squeah from November 3 to 5 for a weekend of renewal and relationship-building.

Four worship and discussion sessions were framed around the centred-set church model, from the work of Mark Baker. Baker was the guest presenter at the 2023 MCBC annual gathering and LEAD conference.

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