Readers write: November 17, 2023

November 16, 2023 | Opinion | Volume 27 Issue 23
(Graphic by Betty Avery)

Dying With Dignity Canada would like to add to and clarify some of the information shared in Conrad Brunk’s letter to the editor (“Readers write,” November 3).

In the Government of Canada’s 2022 annual report on medical assistance in dying (MAID), it was reported by clinicians that 77.6 percent of patients who received MAID also received palliative care. Of the MAID recipients who did not receive palliative care (19.6 percent), 87.5 percent were reported to have had access to these services.

There are rigorous criteria and safeguards throughout the MAID assessment process, and ultimately the choice of an assisted death is about compassion, avoiding suffering and the fundamental rights of an individual.
—Helen Long, CEO, Dying With Dignity Canada


Online comments

An essential Sunday
Eternity Sunday is a Sunday I try not to miss as well (“Holy moments in the midst of grief,” November 3). It’s a chance to look back on the year, to remember those in our lives who have gone and recognize the difference they’ve made.
—Linda Wiebe Dickinson


Profound narrative
Jeanette Hanson’s profound narrative showcases the essence of meaningful collaboration in global church missions (“A plastic chair partnership,” June 30).

The simplicity of providing chairs and lights for the Mennonite youth peace conferences in Myanmar reflects a deeper partnership in fostering peace, mentorship and spiritual guidance. It emphasizes that true collaboration isn’t merely about material contributions but also shared values and collective efforts in advancing God’s work.

Hanson’s perspective beautifully underscores the intricate connections and relationships that weave together to support vital initiatives. Her account invites reflection on the diverse forms of support that contribute to a unified mission of peace and understanding.
—Carrie Wang

(Graphic by Betty Avery)

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