Volume 16 Issue 8

From print to podcasts

Canadian Mennonite is at an exciting place in its history, Larry Cornies told board members of the Canadian Mennonite Publishing Service (CMPS) at their annual meeting and fundraiser on March 24 at Toronto United Mennonite Church. “We’ve come to the intersection of Christendom’s decline, the rise of new communication tools and a new paradigm in leadership,” he said.

Learn, serve, play

Gerd Bartel retired from his position as Mennonite Church Canada’s western director of resource development late last year, a job he describes as primarily visiting and saying “thank you” to the generous donors who support national church ministries. Bartel officially served in the position since 2000, but he fundraised for the church and its institutions on and off for 30 years.

Germinating conversations

Doug Dyck operates an 850-hectare mixed-grain farm near Plum Coulee with his brother-in-law and nephew, where he faces two realities: that of the wonderful, intergenerational, diverse nature of farming life, and that of rising fuel and machinery costs, which have increased tenfold while the price of wheat has barely doubled since 1972.

Be prepared!

Recently there has been more sharing via Facebook by people who grew up at Morrison Academy in Taiwan. This has brought back to life a number of memories. One of these was a picture of me and some friends at a Boy’s Brigade event in our school gym. Like the well-known Boy Scout motto, we were often reminded to “Be prepared,” including in our Bible lessons.

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