Young Voices

What would Jesus want for Christmas?

With raucous shouts of “Occupy Advent,” the youths of Langley Mennonite Fellowship interrupted the worship service on the first Sunday of the Christmas season.

Assisted by many of the church’s children, the “occupiers” entered banging drums, beating on pots and pans, and carrying protest signs with slogans saying, “The beginning is near!” and, “What would Jesus want for Christmas?”

New editor on board

It has been six months since Canadian Mennonite first launched the Young Voices section, website and blogs. We have covered peace rallies, RV trips, new businesses and art. As well as contributors from across the country, we’ve had submissions come in from France and Egypt.

Why I am a Mennonite

When Daniel Eggert was growing up in Edmonton’s First Mennonite Church, there were 12 other people his age in Sunday school. From that group, only he and one other person still attend the church today. The other 11 have stopped going to church or they attend services elsewhere.

A basis of hope

Attending lectures—like the one delivered by Douglas Roche on “A future without nuclear weapons” at the University of Ottawa—helps make interns like myself at the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) Ottawa Office more effective advocates for peace and justice within the political realm and with the general public.


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