Young Voices

The girl who had the accident

The accident that came to shape Lisa’s life happened three months after her first birthday. She was run over by a car.

“The front and back wheel went over my head,” she says. “My eyes were pushed out and my ear was almost cut off, it was just hanging by a little bit of skin. I was unconscious for 32 days and the doctors said there was no hope I would make it.”

A hard-scrabble life

At first glance, Shane Claiborne and Arika Fraser would seem to have little in common.

Claiborne is from Tennessee, is a popular author and is in demand as a speaker in Christian circles.

Arika lives in inner-city Winnipeg and sleeps under parked cars on nights when there is no better option.

What they have in common is poverty.

An accessible heart

Disrespect is nothing new for Michael Mifflin, who was born with spina bifida. In high school in Winnipeg, he was shoved into lockers and had his canes stolen and hidden by other students.

Now, as an adult, he navigates public transit with canes and a wheelchair, an effort sometimes greeted with impatient eye-rolling and complaints from comfortably seated transit users.

Change wisely, dude

When I came back to church after a faith crisis in my early 20s, the first one I attended regularly was a place called Praxis. It was the kind of church where the young, hip pastor hoisted an infant into his arms and said with sincerity, “Dude, I baptize you in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”

Blue saris and shaved heads

Long, voluminous hair has long been regarded as an archetypal feminine trait.

Anna-Marie Janzen, 25, currently has long curly blonde hair, but she won’t have it for much longer. On July 6, she is hosting a fundraiser and shaving her head in order to raise money and awareness for Mennonite Central Committee’s Pobitra program in Bangladesh.

Confessions of a gay Mennonite

In addition to being smart, funny, politically conservative and an entrepreneur, Jude (a pseudonym) is also same-sex-oriented, a secret he has kept from his parents and most of his community.

Now living in Winnipeg, this 25-year-old Mennonite from Winkler, Man., has a shy and humble nature, evident in his composure as he sits in a coffee shop for an interview.


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