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Remember the blood

I sit in a small French house in a small village in the countryside of northern France, having stopped to stay with a local family on my prayer pilgrimage through Europe. Having just returned from the sea, and from the expansive beaches that run longer than the eye can see, I am full of gratitude and questions of darkness and hope.

Do young adults want their own Christian community?

Ana Loewen knows what it’s like to feel disillusioned with the church. As a teenager, a negative experience in the church she grew up in led her to seriously question the Christian beliefs she had been raised with.

“That affected how I viewed church and how I viewed Christianity,” says Loewen, now 30, of the negative experience. “So I didn’t want to have anything to do with it.”

Jack Layton inspires young people to vote for change

“My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world.” (Jack Layton)

In Canada, there is a low turnout of young voters. In fact, according to a 2008 study done by Elections Canada, only 38 percent of young people are heading to the polls to vote.

I come in peace

Even in Christian circles, murderers, rapists, child abusers and hardened criminals are viewed as some of the most reprehensible people in society. They are left to rot in jail and then chased out of communities when they are released from prison.

Planes for Peace

These paper planes may not fly themselves to Ottawa, but even so they will deliver a message to Stephen Harper—spend less money on war. Throughout Assembly youth folded paper planes, covering them with words or pictures of peace, and then sent them off to the capital with youth pastor Sarah Johnson.

Leader on the Hot Seat

If you thought the weather in Waterloo was hot during assembly, it was definitely warmer where Willard Metzger was sitting during Tuesday afternoon’s “On the Hot Seat” seminar. The meeting gave youth a chance to ask questions of MC Canada leadership, though they didn’t get the clear answers they hoped for.

Knitting’s new life

It’s already clear that knitting is back. Boutique yarn stores spring up in abandoned storefronts and a search for “knitting” on turns up 152 pages of results. According to Stitch ’n Bitch author Debbie Stoller, the hobby has woven its way in and out of popularity for the last hundred years. But why has it come back this time?


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