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Series will explore responses to climate crisis

Steve Heinrichs, director of Indigenous-Settler Relations for MC Canada, will co-host a learning series on the climate crisis based on the book, ‘A Good War.’ (Photo courtesy of

Mennonite Church Canada is hosting a new online community learning series. “Creator’s Call in a Climate Emergency” starts on Jan. 20 and lasts eight weeks.

The climate context of a global virus

(Image by stokpic/Pixabay)

At first, I was irritated that travel plans were interrupted. Then I was frustrated that the markets leaked stored wealth. And finally, I was angered that separation from family and friends was mandated. Eventually I was weighted with the depressing context of self isolation. 

Quite a journey within a few short weeks. This sudden change of atmospheric emotions was like a roller coaster. But eventually, it lent itself to some important reflection.

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