Volume 27 Issue 19

Hear the climate call

Listen to the children. Listen without being defensive. (Wikipedia Commons photo by Dcpeopleandeventsof2017)

It’s worth celebrating that the regions of MC Canada have identified the climate crisis as a priority ministry area in recent years. Like all priorities, where the rubber really hits the road is not in reports and lists and minutes from meetings, but where two or three (or 200 or 300) are gathered—the congregation.

Choosing death

Contrary reactions to the concept of assisted dying are respected. (Photo by Jon Tyson from Unsplash)

My sister Helen is a retired nurse who spent much of her career working with palliative patients. In the last few years of her working life, she encountered medical assistance in dying (MAID).

Poetic justice

(Photo by Mortimer Mackenzie)

For Di Brandt, being a poet is a natural extension of her upbringing in the Manitoba Mennonite village of Reinland. She says the hymns of her youth were poetic, and poetry was part of sermons and family life.

A cycle of practical love

Supper at the Wiederkehrs. All ingredients are home grown, except the salt. (Photo by Andre Wiederkehr)

Several varieties of dry beans ready for threshing on the Wiederkehr farm. (Photo courtesy of the Wiederkehr family)

Cascade Ruby-Gold Flint corn with corn sheller. (Photo courtesy of the Wiederkehr family)

Andre Wiederkehr adding a pail of “humanure” to the compost pile. (Photo by Theo Wiederkehr)

My memories of high school are largely a featureless blur—I did graduate 40 years ago—but one incident that stands out in detail is a lecture in my vocational agriculture class. Mr. Upp drew an illustration of nutrient cycling on the chalkboard, complete with stick-figure cows.

Single Moms’ Camp brings golden healing

(Photo by Amanda Pot)

(Photo by Amanda Pot)

(Photo by Amanda Pot)

(Photo by Amanda Pot)

(Photo by Amanda Pot)

(Photo by Amanda Pot)

(Photo by Amanda Pot)

(Photo by Amanda Pot)

“It’s so hard to explain something that feels so sacred to you,” Amanda Pot said when asked to describe Single Moms’ Camp at Hidden Acres Mennonite Camp in New Hamburg, Ontario. Pot has been running the camp for over a decade. “[It’s] absolutely exhausting,” she said, “but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

RJC stakes its claim on Anabaptist identity

Ryan Wood (left), president and CEO of RJC High School, and David Epp, principal. (Photos supplied by RJC High School)

Students participate in RJC High School’s choir program. (Photo courtesy of RJC High School)

Four years ago, things were looking dire for RJC High School in Rosthern, Saskatchewan. Enrollment was the lowest ever, at 65 students. It had been slowly declining for 20 years, according to Ryan Wood. Wood, who served as principal previously, is now president and CEO of RJC.

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