Volume 19 Issue 2

What’s so funny?

Photo by Margita Braun.

Long-time friends Jorge Requena, and Orlando Braun formed Prairie Boy Productions in 2013. That Mennonite Joke is the company’s second project.

Photo by Aaron Epp.

When forming the idea for his latest documentary, Winnipeg filmmaker Orlando Braun turned to his Mennonite background for inspiration.

Photo courtesy of Matt Falk.

Matt Falk stars in That Mennonite Joke. The comedian says the things he is learning while filming the documentary are informing his stand-up act.

Photo by Margita Braun.

On the set for That Mennonite Joke. The documentary explores the roots of Mennonite humour in North and South America.

Photo by Margita Braun.

Winnipeg-raised Orlando Braun, worked in the film industry in Los Angeles and New York before returning to his hometown. His latest project is a story “that has to be told,” he says.

Orlando Braun has always been fascinated by filmmaking. He recalls being a child and making detective films with his father’s camcorder, but never thought he could one day make a living making movies.

“It didn’t even occur to me this is what people do as a job,” the 33-year-old Winnipegger says.

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