Connecting MCI’s Past & Future

Roxanne Friesen holds her grad photo in the academic wing of MCI. (Photo by Janna Wiebe)

For 134 years, Mennonite Collegiate Institute has offered young people an Anabaptist-centred education, a community to explore faith in, and a place to excel in music, academics and sport. The rich legacy of developing young peoples’ God-given gifts in an Anabaptist-Christian setting continues to live on in the halls of MCI today.

MCI student competes in Canada Winter Games

This winter was an exciting one for Jonah Ginter, a Grade 10 student at Mennonite Collegiate Institute in Gretna, Man. From Feb. 25 to 29, he competed in the 2020 Special Olympics Canada Winter Games held in Thunder Bay, Ont. His sport? Snowshoeing. “I like the challenge snowshoeing gives me, and that it’s a unique sport and it’s not every day you meet someone who races in snowshoes, which is cool to talk about,” Ginter says.

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