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January 16, 2019 | Opinion | Volume 23 Issue 2
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Editorializing, apology weaken abuse survivor’s statement

Re:Decades-old sexual abuse comes to light,” Sept. 10, 2018, page 13.
It seems to me that Canadian Mennonite and Dave Rogalsky (former Eastern Canada correspondent) owe Ruth-Ann Klassen Shantz an apology for the poor handling of her statement. Mixing the abuser’s apology in with the article has done nothing but heap further abuse on her head. I read her original statement, which was well written and would have stood on its own without any editorializing or comments by anyone else. It took immense courage for Ruth-Ann to come forward. To have it handled so poorly has not been encouraging for others to come forward.
Ruth Martin, Dutton, Ont.


Lament for my neighbour
Lady Liberty / Your light is burning low / Chilling winds blow across the land.

The Eagle is troubled / The skies are clouded with fear / Values are lost in the fog.

The flag and the Bible are tangled and twisted / Freedom and truth are weakened by divisiveness / The health and freedom of the press is in decline.

The visions of the brave and the free are fading / The voice of the poor is getting weaker / Justice has a skin disease and is in retreat.

My neighbour / I am sad for you, for all of us / The ripples of your dream, and also your troubles, spread far and wide.
—Ray Hamm, Neubergthal, Man.

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