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February 25, 2015 | Focus on camping | Volume 19 Issue 5
Holly Epp | Youth Farm Bible Camp
Counsellor Shelby Goertzen helps a camper with her archery skills. (Youth Farm Bible Camp photos)

Youth Farm Bible Camp is just that: Bible camp in a farm atmosphere.

Located outside of Rosthern, Sask., we have wide open spaces holding pastures for horses, goats and sheep, and the many paths of our corn maze. Although some things around the yard have changed over the past 74 years, we still hold the same mission: to share Jesus and provide a place to serve.

We have also kept a main focus on serving adults with special needs. These weeks are a definite highlight of the summer.  

Because they have been fearfully and wonderfully made, campers have their own story to tell and bring with them their own personality, gifts, talents and quirks. Getting to know the campers is priceless. They open the eyes of our staff over and over as we learn lessons by watching their obedience, their unbounded worship, their care and grace for others, their servant hearts and their grateful praise.

One camper in particular captured my heart last summer. She was not easy to communicate with, saying very few words. She was stubborn and clearly an introvert, but gracious enough to let me spend time just sitting with her and asking her questions. As the week went along, she let me into her world a little more each day. I found out that she loves her nails painted and so we painted nails.

I found out that she loves to sing, so we sang and sang and sang, mostly campfire songs. We sang about the joy down in our hearts, about wanting to be a sheep, and about being happy and knowing it so we clap our hands.

Later in the week, I came into our large recreation space to find this beautiful camper sitting alone on the floor, legs crossed and with a focussed face. She was singing to her Saviour, “How Great Thou Art.”

In the hustle and bustle of a summer full of excited, loud and energized campers, moments like these remind us why we do what we do, and, even more so, of the One whom we are doing it for and with. 

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Counsellor Shelby Goertzen helps a camper with her archery skills. (Youth Farm Bible Camp photos)

Counsellor Mike Unger plays a game with campers during the second week of children’s camp last summer. (Youth Farm Bible Camp photos)

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