Be prepared!

Recently there has been more sharing via Facebook by people who grew up at Morrison Academy in Taiwan. This has brought back to life a number of memories. One of these was a picture of me and some friends at a Boy’s Brigade event in our school gym. Like the well-known Boy Scout motto, we were often reminded to “Be prepared,” including in our Bible lessons.

Wake up, women! Let our lights shine!

Ev Buhr, left, Kim Epp and Irene Baergen—members of the Women in Mission group at Edmonton’s First Mennonite Church—participate in a Lenten program at the city’s St. Joseph’s Auxiliary Hospital.

It’s time to throw down the gauntlet and say, “Wake up, women!” Our mothers and grandmothers left us a wonderful legacy of working together, and we need to pick up the slack in our own generation by participating in the work of Mennonite Women Canada (MW Canada).

Readers write

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Keeping the faith

In the summer of 2010, my family and I experienced a history lesson that made us really think about what it means to be Mennonite. With my wife, Geraldine Balzer, our two daughters, and my wife’s sister and mother, I travelled back to the “old country,” Ukraine and Russia.

Saying nice things

“Will you say nice things about me at my funeral like you did at Jay’s?” my mother-in-law asked as she and I were driving alone in a car shortly after my brother-in-law’s funeral, where I had offered memories on the family’s behalf. Given the recent family death, there was a good reason my mother-in-law was thinking about death and her funeral.

Are we asking the right questions?

Last fall, the leadership in Mennonite Church Saskatchewan organized regional  consultations with congregational leaders. We were very pleased at the thoughtful participation from almost all the churches. We heard that the membership in many congregations is getting older. Some congregations are getting smaller. Commitment to church is changing as other things compete for time and loyalty.

Making dreams real

I am crocheting a baby afghan. The soft, multi-coloured yarn slides through my fingers. I catch it on the end a hook, spin and loop it into the expanding blanket. My cat lies beside me, sometimes taking a swipe at the tantalizing string, but mostly curled up sleeping.

Readers write

Come to the defence of ‘God’s great gift’

In the beginning—13.7 billion years ago—God created the heavens, also known as the universe; 4.5 billion years ago God created our planet, Earth. Life began on Earth some 700,000 years later, with human beings—homo sapiens—appearing in Africa some 70,000 to 100,000 years ago.


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