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February 2, 2011 | Feature | Number 3
Canadian Mennonite |

1. Do you remember comments about physical appearance from when you were young? What attitude did your parents and family have about physical appearance? How did they communicate that attitude? How many mirrors do you have in your house today?

2. What do you think Jesus looked like? If you were drawing Jesus, what characteristics would you give him? How do you think people would have responded to an ugly Jesus?

3. Carol Penner presents the challenge to “unmask the pretty/ugly altars all around you.” In order to do that, what would you get rid of in our society? Are there any situations in which you would encourage someone to have cosmetic surgery or to participate in a beauty pageant?

4. Penner suggests that when we get to know the character of a person, physical appearance is less important? Do you agree? Do we see aging family members with eyes that remember how they used to appear? How can we encourage each other to treat “every body as beautiful”?

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