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November 10, 2010 | Feature | Number 22
Canadian Mennonite |

1. How many trees are planted annually in your community? Are they part of a community initiative? Who plants and waters them? How important is it to plant more trees?

2. In what situations would you cut down a tree in your yard? What are the advantages and disadvantages to having lots of trees in your neighbourhood? When might a tree be legitimately “in the way”?

3. The first task for Mennonite pioneer farmers in Ontario was to clear the trees to grow crops. Is the need to grow crops a legitimate reason for cutting down trees today? What about harvesting trees to make wood products or for firewood? Does civilization by definition destroy the Earth, as Jack Dueck suggests?

4. What is the appropriate Christian attitude towards the created world? Do we have a proper respect for trees and other living things? Does our society tend to be overly sentimental about trees and animals? Should our churches be teaching more about our relationship to the created world?

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