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December 14, 2011 | Feature | Number 24

1. What experience have you had with the King James Version? Historically, how was it used in your congregation? How familiar do the words of the KJV sound to you? How do you respond to them emotionally?

2. Christine Longhurst says that Scripture is experienced differently when it is heard, rather than read privately. In what settings do you hear Scripture read aloud? Do you find hearing Scripture as effective as reading it? Should we encourage more dramatic recitations? How important is it to have the best readers involved in reading from the Bible?

3. The earliest English translators of the Bible faced punishment for doing so. Why would Wycliffe and Tyndale have risked their lives to do the translation? Why would the pope have been so adamant that it not be translated? Has a proliferation of Bibles made it less valuable to us?

4. When you choose a translation of the Bible, are you more concerned with what is pleasing to the ear, or do you search for an accurate translation? Which versions are easier to read? In what settings do you use a paraphrased version? Has the King James Version outlived its usefulness?

5. If we are moving towards a culture that is dominated by oral and image-based communication, how can we teach the next generation to know the Bible?

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