Volume 27 Issue 14D

Tim Khoo’s experience at Grebel leads to baptism

Asa Suderman-Gladwell (left), chaplain Jessica Reesor Rempel, Savannah Edwards and Tim Khoo at a Grebel chapel service. (Photo by Jen Konkle)

Conrad Grebel University College student Tim Khoo. (Photo by Margaret Gissing)

When Timothy Khoo was choosing a university, he looked for something that stood out. “I kept hearing about this Mennonite residence from my family and church community, and it piqued my interest,” he said. Khoo is now a second-year Honours Physics student at the University of Waterloo and a returning upper-year student at Conrad Grebel University College.

Ex-prisoners plant church

Recent baptisms at a Meserete Kristos Church congregation planted by two ex-prisoners. (Supplied photo)

Eighteen people were recently baptized at a church that grew out of prison ministry by Ethiopian Mennonites. (Supplied photo)

The following is an excerpt from the June 2023 issue of MKC News, the newsletter of Meserete Kristos Church (MKC), the Anabaptist denominational body in Ethiopia. Reprinted with permission.


Mennonite Centre building in Ukraine under Russian control

Oksana Druchynina discovered this photo of the room that was her office before Russians took over the Mennonite Centre in Molochansk, Ukraine. (Supplied Photo)

Ukrainian homes flooded by the destruction of the Kakhovka dam. (Supplied photo)

Ukrainian homes flooded by the destruction of the Kakhovka dam. (Supplied photo)

The level that flooding reached in a home flooded by destruction of the Kakhovka dam. (Supplied photo)

At first glance, the office appears unremarkable, but for the photograph of Vladimir Putin on a bookcase and the Russian flag on the desk. The woman in the picture looks awkward, her hands seem to rest uneasily, holding neither paper nor pen.

The church that builds together, stays together

Volunteers work on repairing the roof of a hurricane damaged home on Cape Breton Island. (Photo courtesy of Heather Wiebe)

Volunteers, crew and staff of the MDS Cape Breton project. (Photo courtesy of Heather Wiebe)

With suitcases full of work clothes and spirits full of enthusiasm, 13 people from Mount Royal Mennonite Church in Saskatoon traveled to Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. The group served together on the Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS) project to rebuild homes damaged by Hurricane Fiona in 2022.

Mennonite church hosts electric vehicle showcase

Electric cars lined up in front of Osler Mennonite Church. (Photo by Patty Friesen)

Every year, the town of Osler, Saskatchewan, celebrates July 1 with a pancake breakfast; a parade with horses, old cars and tractors; rollkuchen and watermelon at the community hall; and, finally, fireworks and a concert. It’s an amazing accomplishment, given that many small towns no longer have the resources to

Housebarn recreates the past

The new housebarn at the Mennonite Heritage Museum in Abbotsford, B.C. (Photo by Amy Rinner Waddell)

Jenny Bergen demonstrates a sitting bench that doubles as a children’s bed. (Photo by Amy Rinner Waddell)

A glimpse into how Mennonites lived and farmed a century ago awaits those who tour the recently opened housebarn at Mennonite Heritage Museum in Abbotsford, B.C. The design is a slightly scaled down replica of a housebarn owned by Mennonites in the Russian village of Neu-Osterwick near Zaporizhzhia.

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