Volume 15 Issue 20

Catering to immigrants

Hans Goertzen of Pacific Flooring and Imports operates the specialty store that caters to the needs of Mennonite immigrants in the Abbotsford area of B. C. (Photo by Amy Dueckman)

Walk into Pacific Flooring and Imports in Abbotsford, and customers will see a seemingly unlikely combination of laminate flooring, spices, international foods and charcoal for barbecues.

The alternative method of God

Andrew Suderman, right, preaches at Harvest Time Ministries, a church located in Mthatha, Eastern Cape, South Africa, with Pastor Ntapo handling translation duties. (Photo courtesy of Andrew Suderman)

Throughout the Bible, God embodies--and challenges us to embody--a method that challenges the assumption that success, power and influence are gained by focusing on us. (Photo courtesy of Andrew Suderman)

Andrew Suderman

One thing that I find so inspiring in South Africa is the countless people who participate in miraculous activities as they strive to make their communities better.

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