December 9, 2010
Paul Loewen |

Christmas comes soon, doesn't it? I took a picture of my advent calendar yesterday with 8 windows open. There aren't that many days left until Christmas. Perhaps it's a part of growing up, but Christmas has less magic than it did 10 or 15 years ago. I still receive gifts, I still enjoy the family time immensely, but it's not the same. 

Have you ever seen the world through the eyes of a kid? Maybe this is why Jesus wants us to become like little children again. Everything is magical and amazing. Christmas morning makes kids get up at 4am and wait expectantly for their parents to finally roll out of bed at 6am. Then they eagerly tear into their presents, and enjoy their time together. 

Kids seem to know what gifts are. Maybe it's why they understand Jesus better than we do sometimes. Which is obviously ironic, because often kids don't have too much to apologize for. It's us who come to Jesus with the deep dirt that needs to be removed. Kids seem to understand joy, happiness, elation, and forgiveness better than we ever could. They're far better at forgiving and being forgiven. They're much more pleased with gifts than we ever are. In many ways, children are God's gift to us - a new way to see the world, a fresh way to see the world. 

This Christmas, remember to be a kid - maybe beat your own kid to the 4am wakeup and knock on their door to get the presents started. Be spontaneous over the holidays and sneak your kids out in their snow gear to toboggan in the dark. Have a sleepover around the Christmas tree and break out in a pillow fight. These kinds of moments make memories that last a lifetime - and remind your kid that no matter how serious you are now, you used to be a kid.

This Christmas, I suppose our biggest gift is our first kid - if it comes a week or two early, that is. 

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Paul Loewen
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If I read that last part right, congratulations! What a special Christmas for you!

You did!


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