The Kingdom of Heaven is Like Pflinzen and Chapjae?

November 27, 2011
Cheryl Woelk |

In our home, we discovered a new favourite fusion dish. In a surprisingly tasty combination,we ate Pflinzen and Chapjae together.

Pflinzen is a food from the Russian Mennonite side of our family. Made with eggs, flour, and milk, it's a kind of eggy crepe. Chapjae is from the Korean side of the family and is a mixture of sweet potato noodles, vegetables, soy sauce, and sesame seeds. Traditionally, Pflizen was rolled up with cottage cheese or some kind of fruit sauce. Chapjae was eaten at a Korean banquet as one of many side dishes. Put together, however, it makes a tasty little roll-up! 

This discovery happened by accident. We were cleaning out the leftovers in the fridge and just happened to have the two in there at the same time. As it turns out, a delicious coincidence!
Eating the two together, we had to laugh. Figuring we were probably the only ones in the world eating that particular combination at the moment, it made me smile. I thought of tastes of a heavenly feast when people from all places will have abundant food and variety beyond imagination. 
It also seemed to me that this might be another parable: the kingdom of heaven is like taking the leftovers from the fridge, combining them in a way that was never done before, and finding out it's wonderful. May our church communities be able to celebrate that!
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Cheryl Woelk
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