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  • You are doing a wonderful job at this point of time. I see you change ideas as times change. Good!
  • Have the confidence that you are aware that endeavours like this can remain static.
  • Would it be possible to print and mail from Saskatoon for Saskatchewan readers. By the time we get a copy, much is old news.
  • More articles by Aiden Enns and Will Braun or that type of theological thinking.
  • There is not much or any remarks about Jesus Christ, born again, etc., or being saved. I don’t know why that is.
  • The material in Canadian Mennonite over-represents the social activism of MCC staff and misses the mission of the church that Jesus gave us. (Go and take the gospel into the world, baptizing in my name.)
  • I would like to see more critique and analysis of our politics through the lens of Anabaptist-Mennonite theology.
  • We would like to see a good Bible study in each issue. The Scripture must remain our focal point.
  • The stories are somewhat mealy mouthed. Say what you mean the first time without so much beating around the bush. Too much religious mush and mumble jumble.
  • As it is, this paper gives one the impression that preaching the gospel and helping people find salvation in Christ is not very high on the agenda of Mennonite Church Canada.
  • Sometimes the short little stories don’t have enough content. They pique interest, but sort of leave me wishing for more information. Mostly I like it, though.
  • Please don’t increase the length [of articles].
  • Keep using newsprint as opposed to glossy paper . . . . I could even do without the colour.
  • Content and layout are good. If it is a magazine, then it should be appealing! To be appealing it should show quality paper. Good quality paper is paramount (look at the MB Herald).
  • Canadian Mennonite is one of the most life-giving things in my life. I think it is well worth the paper considering how incredibly wasteful newspapers and magazines are.
  • I would prefer it to not fall apart quite so easily.
  • Keep it coming!
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