Partnership provides ‘exciting opportunity’ to address affordable housing

This house, at 24 Mill Street in Kitchener, Ont., was acquired by MennoHomes from Waterloo Region in a lottery and will be renovated by Mennonite Disaster Service in a unique partnership to create more affordable housing for families. (Photo courtesy of MennoHomes)

The need is great. Six thousand people wait for affordable housing in Waterloo Region. Local government is committed to creating 25,000 new housing units in the next five years, but Karen Redman, the regional chair, acknowledged in a Dec. 24, 2020, Kitchener Today article, “I don’t think we can possibly move fast enough . . . in order to do that, we need partners.”

MennoHomes is building A Place to Call Home

KITCHENER, ONT.—Being on a waitlist for affordable housing is like hanging on to a log out on the ocean when you can’t see the land, according to a woman named Rebecca. Dan Driedger, executive director of MennoHomes, a non-profit, affordable housing provider in Waterloo Region, is using this metaphor to motivate the organization’s development of a $12.7 million affordable housing project, A Place to Call Home, in northeast Kitchener. To tackle urgent housing needs, MennoHomes finds partners to share work and costs, and foster creative problem solving.

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