Anabaptism at 500

Planning a people’s Bible

In the chapel at Casa Iskali retreat centre in the Chicago suburb of Des Plaines, Ill., 45 people gathered from Aug. 26 to 28 for a working conference to launch the Anabaptist Bible project. (Jace Longenecker photo for MennoMedia)

John D. Roth, project director of Anabaptism at 500, receives input on the Anabaptist Bible project from participants at a conference held from Aug. 26 to 28 in Des Plaines, Ill. (Jace Longenecker photo for MennoMedia)

Anabaptism began in 1525 in Switzerland, when bold young Christians challenged authorities with the radical idea that Scripture spoke clearly to ordinary people who studied the Bible together.

Nearly five centuries later, plans are taking shape for a special Bible to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Anabaptism and breathe new life into grassroots Bible study.

Anabaptism at 500 announces advisory group members

Harrisonburg, Va.—In February, MennoMedia put out a call for members to join the advisory group for the new venture, Anabaptism at 500. Nearly 50 qualified people applied, and eight were chosen to serve for the next three years. The advisory group will offer expertise and perspectives in various meetings and subcommittees and ensure that Anabaptism at 500 remains in close conversation with the varied congregations that MennoMedia serves. The group’s first meeting was held on April 28, 2022.

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