Syrian crisis could sway vote

September 22, 2015

Ryan Dueck, pastor of Lethbridge (Alberta) Mennonite Church, views with some skepticism Saturday’s (Sept. 19, 2015) announcement that regulations would be relaxed in a bid to allow thousands of refugees into Canada by the end of the year. Dueck said in an article carried in the Waterloo Region Record that the gesture offers too little too late. He noted that Immigration Minister Chris Alexander continues to place security concerns ahead of humanitarian ones, “Nobody’s saying that just uncritically fling the doors open, at least to my knowledge, (but) I wonder if his articulation of this as a ‘top priority’ might prove to be a way of giving the Conservative government a bit of room to manoeuvre once the election campaign has come and gone,” Dueck said. “I don’t know this for sure, of course. . . I’m just thinking that given the party’s history of prioritizing security and using this as a reason for not moving more quickly, I wouldn't be shocked to see ‘prioritizing’ of security show up down the road as a reason why the refugee situation hasn't improved as quickly as Canadians might have hoped it might.”

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