Born to Run

February 23, 2011
Paul Loewen |

I have never been so excited to get a pair of shoes. Let me tell you, I'm not the kind of person to care about clothing. To me, clothing is always functional. But I gotta tell you about something cool I've discovered. Basically, humans were born to run. For thousands of years humans have been much better at running than any of us joggers are nowadays. We used to run to survive. Now we run to keep the weight off - or for fun. But over all these thousands of years, we've run barefoot through the forests and jungles, and had much better success. 

There's a problem with our shoes - they're too nice. Literally. Apparently, all this cushioning is pampering our feet until they can't defend themselves. Our feet have become lazy. We've gotten used to the cushion and so, when suddenly we roll an ankle or land funny, we get injured - because our muscles are too weak. The cushion in our shoes has also made us heel-runners. Basically, we land on our heel. From our heel to our knee is one straight bone - no absorption. This is why we get so many knee injuries. Even with the cushion, the amount of shock our knee experiences is enormous. 

Have you ever tried running barefoot? Don't you notice how quickly your stride changes? Suddenly you're running on the ball of your foot, closer to your toes. Your heel isn't the first thing to strike the ground. What ends up happening is the calf provides absorption for the impact. The muscle - not the bone - takes the strain. And it gets stronger and stronger. People that run barefoot experience far fewer injuries - because all their muscles are being used the way they are supposed to be. 

So I ordered shoes that mimic barefoot running. They're called Vibram Five Fingers, and they're basically a rubber sole (so you don't slice your foot open). They make you run on the front of your foot. They prevent injuries. And, after all, isn't this how God made it to be? Maybe He had the right idea in mind when He didn't strap a pair of Nikes on Adam and Eve's feet...who would have thought the original creation would be far better than what we can make?

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Paul Loewen
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