MC Canada Joint Council update 

May 18, 2018

Seven months after the creation of a new structure for Mennonite Church Canada, the Joint Council met for its third meeting on May 5 and 6, in Toronto. 
•  Members approved “in principle” a budget of $2.08 million for the nationwide church’s fiscal year ending in January 2019. This exceeds the target of $1.92 million originally proposed, but is seen to be more realistic at this point in the transition. (See more about financial trends at “A picture of gradual decline.”)
•  The Council set the date for the first delegate sessions of the restructured denomination, to happen June 29 to July 1, 2019, in British Columbia. The business sessions will be paired with a “major inspirational gathering,” open to non-delegates as well.
•  In other business, the Council continued discussion on two long-term pieces of the transition: the development of an overall communications strategy and a strategy for pastoral leadership development across the church.

The Joint Council represents the members of the five regional churches that make up MC Canada. It is made up of a moderator and representative from each regional church and a four-person national executive. Executive staff members of the regional churches are ex-officio members. —By Virginia A. Hostetler

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