Volume 28 Issue 2

Brave birds still fly through fog

Kathryn Lymburner. (Supplied photo.)

The other Sunday, the chairs in our sanctuary were pulled up to round tables. You know you’re in for something different when that happens, and this extrovert with opinions to spare was pumped. I was going to share the heck out of whatever needed sharing. I couldn’t contain my glee when I discovered there were news stories at each table. Best Sunday ever.

A modest proposal

The question was how churches in North America could directly communicate their support to Palestinian churches. It came during a December 18 call that Mennonite Central Committee convened with four Palestinian pastors and several dozen North Americans.

Pastor Ashraf Tannous unmuted, then muted again; he hesitated and hedged, eventually responding with uncommon candour.

God on the line

‘I recently became the owner of an orange rotary telephone,’ writes Ryan Dueck.

In this new joint column, the four writers will take turns writing the primary column, with the other three offering replies.

God on the line
By Ryan Dueck

I recently became the owner of an orange rotary telephone. This artifact came to me via a Christmas gift exchange for which guests were instructed to repurpose something from their homes.

The power of the pencil

‘From Here to There’ includes full-scale reproductions of some of Alvin Pauls’ large mural pieces. (Supplied photo.)

When it comes to making art, Alvin Pauls isn’t concerned with the outcome.

“It’s all in the doing,” the Winnipeg artist says. “The end result is not important.”

Dressed in a black sweater over a brown turtleneck, jeans and blue slip-on shoes, Pauls is walking around “From Here to There,” a retrospective exhibit of his work at MHC Gallery. His energy belies his 81 years.

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