Love—the greatest obstacle

February 12, 2015
Tamara Petkau |

Having gone public with my New Year’s resolutions this year, it was inevitable that I would be asked the dreaded follow-up question: “How are your resolutions going?”

While I’m tickled that people actually read this blog, I dread the question because ALL of my well-intentioned resolutions have been epic fails. I haven’t just fallen off the wagon once or twice—many of my goals failed to even see the light of day.

My failures are mine, and mine alone, I know that. But instead of being mature and taking responsibility, I find it easier to place the blame on others, especially my husband.

Before I go and type-cast him as a villain, I should note that he is a good guy with a good heart and good intentions—but his intentions and values are different from mine and therein lies the problem. Hubby didn’t make resolutions this year, and while I like to think that he is generally a pretty supportive guy, his support doesn’t always come in the form that I need in order to be successful, which is complete and utter dedication and devotion to the life choices I’ve made.

This year, I really wanted to focus on plastic waste reduction in our house and in our lives. I said I was ready to be inconvenienced, but I failed to take into consideration the lives of those around me. When Hubs wanted bread to make sandwiches, I did not quickly bake up a batch of fresh loaves. Instead, he drove to the store and bought his favorite—the kind that comes wrapped in two plastic bags! When Little E came down with the sniffles and she wanted a straw to sip her smoothies, he gave her one. And then he gave Boo one too. I watched in horror as the plastic waste accumulated.

Our plastic waste tally is shameful and we are filling up bag after bag of garbage. The garbage may not stem from me directly (though who am I kidding—a lot of it does), but it is my personal failure and it’s difficult to deal with.

I’m at a loss and I need help.  How do you hold on to your own isolated personal values and goals in a community setting?  Or perhaps I should be asking: how can I successfully force my wants, needs, and values down other people’s throats?

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Tamara Petkau
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