Intentional Communities: Words of Wisdom Pt.2

February 21, 2013
Brandi Friesen Thorpe |

Last year I had the opportunity to interview numerous people living in intentional communities across Ontario. The following are words of experience and wisdom from people who strive to love their neighbours -- PART TWO! See my earlier post for PART ONE. For those of you who are unsure of how to start serving and getting to know your neighbours, I think you’ll find this helpful. May it encouragement to all of us to love our neighbours too

- Get to know the leaders and peacemakers in the community those running the community centres, pastors, the people that have been there for years. They know the area, what is going on.
- One team got to know the neighbourhood by picking up garbage and fixing up the local playground and kids bikes
- Respect what is in community – seek to support what is going on rather than
- Be gentle. Many people don't experience gentleness in their day to day lives
- Don't be afraid to biblical truths into your conversations. People recognize and respect truth
- Partner with more people and organizations. It adds balance to where you lack
- Seek to see each others perspective
- Be friends with the children through Christ. Anything you share with them will be passed on to their parents
- Have fun! Let there be joy among the community!
- As echoed by every team, sharing FOOD is a big part of every day
- Be vulnerable – just as your neighbours seek help, let yourself be vulnerable to receiving it.
- Be sincere when you are helping someone. Let there be humility in being the helper dignity in the struggle
- Work to let people know they belong, that the community and your home are safe places to be
- Let Jesus be a part of your every day, so that people have no choice but to SEE that Christ is your lifestyle

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