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May 31, 2013
Brandi Friesen Thorpe |

There have been more and more suggestions for good Menno blogs - and I really can't decided between them all. So instead of choosing one this week, I'll present you with five different voices, and let you do the choosing.

1. - Chad Doell, a mennonite boy turned pastor, hails from Hague, SK, ‘just North of nowhere’ as he call it.. His heart has been turned to the Jewish people. Read about his passion and excursion into Israel on his blog ‘Grafted In Again’. Be assured, the journey will continue as Chad will journey Bethlehem once again in September for a year long stay.

2. - An MCC blog where mennos like to write about issues related to creation care. This blog is about making “sense of a hurting world and [our] place in God's salvation plan to redeem it.” Focal points include;
-MCC’s local and international work in relief, development and peace
-The church seeking to be a witness to the world
- Individuals finding joy in simpler lifestyles
- Personal quests for a sustainable way of life

3. - Writer Deborah-Ruth Ferber has a special interest in international development, social justice/social change, and economic justice. Currently she explores the “intersection of peace and marginalization and the Theology of Constructing the Other, specifically in relation to people with developmental disabilities.” Also, she loves paska. What a good Menno girl.

4. - Chris Lenshyn is a husband, father, and the associate pastor at Emmanuel Mennonite Church in Abbotsford, British Columbia. He explores the messy connections of context and Anabaptism, talking about “Anabaptism’s roots in the 16th century, and the faith tradition that is practiced today.” He calls it a record of his attempt to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

5. - The menno nerds, a collection of mennonites from all over the internet, write about theology or other Christian issues from an Anabaptist perspective. They define mennon nerds as the following; “A MennoNerd totally “geeks out” over things related to Mennonites, Anabaptism, etc. A MennoNerd also tends to love technology and likes to use it to feed their “habit” of Mennonite/Anabaptist stuff.”

Enjoy the voices of our people, the wisdom and reflections they have pondered. Be inspired to converse, to think, and circulate these conversations within your communities if you are moved. The messages of these voices, the voices of our people, live on in those who take time to let them be heard.

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