January 24, 2011
Paul Loewen |

I suppose I need to apologize for my relatively long absence from blogging. Things have been busy around the Loewen household. Last Monday we welcomed Jaden Timothy into our family - and life has been a little less sleep-filled but wonderfully enriching. Reflecting back on this past week, it is almost impossible to remember life without a baby. I'm not entirely sure what I used to do with all my time and all my sleep. But there is remarkable joy in being a parent. I now understand why every parent feels the need to brag incessantly about their child. At some point in their life, I am sure every baby has been called the smartest, strongest, and best child ever. We are continually amazed at the miracle that a baby is - that, intricately woven for 9 months, they come out so perfect. That they can hiccup, cough, and smile their way right into your hearts. 

I've often used the analogy of God as a Father to explain some of the things in our lives. That metaphor will gain traction in my life over these coming years, now that that stage of life has been reached. I can already see the protection, love, and blessings that God wants to pour out. When I look at Jaden I know that I want only good for him - and I will do everything I can to bless his life. At the same time, I want Jaden to grow up intelligently, and that means not shielding him from everything. He'll need to learn. He'll need to make mistakes. He'll need to fail. But through those failings I want to be at his side, comforting, reassuring, teaching. Just like God. I am sure the metaphors can be stretched a lot further still. 

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Paul Loewen
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