Creating collective psalms of praise

November 17, 2015
Brandi Friesen Thorpe |

Photo by Brandi Friesen Thorpe

<p>Photo by Brandi Friesen Thorpe</p>

Recently at my church here in central Winnipeg, we have been navigating a sermon series on the Psalms. My small group, some ten or so very diverse people at various stages in their adult-esque lives, have also been journeying through various types of psalms by engaging in a plethora of approaches and activities.

This last week we took the time to stretch our comfort levels by collaboratively writing a set of psalms. Think of it like a grown-up game of praise telephone. Each person started by writing the first line of their psalm, and then passing it to their left, for the next person to add on to. This continued until the psalm of praise you began was then returned to you. While a number of us were apprehensive at first, at the end we were all appreciative of the process. Together, as a small community, we had created a collection of psalms of praise.

Reading them aloud and hearing our collective voice expressing true gratitude and expressions of faithfulness was something beautiful.

I offer one of them to you, that you might also find delight in this collective psalm of praise. Thanks to Nathan, Matt, Brett, Lisa, Jason and Lisa who are my co-creators of this particular psalm of praise.

Collective Psalms of Praise #1

I will praise you, Divine One,
              for you have shown yourself to be big enough to handle
                 all my life.
In the midst of drought, storms, harvest, and famine,
              you never let me be alone within it.
Through the night I patiently await your promises
              and the return of the light.
At times, I doubt my faithfulness
              and yet You I trust with all my being.

You remember me,
              even when I fail to remember You;
You delight in me
              because You made me.

I praise You for teaching me patience and perseverance.
              You are in control.
You, Divine One, are my memory,
              My ability to trust what is trustworthy,
              To hold faith in you who remains faithful.


Photo by Brandi Friesen Thorpe

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Brandi Friesen Thorpe
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