Promotional Supplements and Sponsored Spreads

Promotional supplements give opportunity for church-related organizations to promote their work and vision. The camera-ready supplement is provided by the advertiser and printed on the pages of Canadian Mennonite.

Cost for Promotional Supplements

Sponsored Spreads

The sponsored spread is a subset of the Promotional Supplement category. Sponsors pay for a two-page spread focusing on a topic of interest to Canadian Mennonite readers. Topics could relate to education, camping, peacemaking, community, mental health, travel and more.

Canadian Mennonite provides support in developing the spread with writing, design, editing, copy editing and proofreading (as needed). Our staff is also prepared to work with you in putting together a proposal you can use to approach potential sponsors.

Sponsors get formal recognition on each spread, including the sponsor’s logo and URL.

Pricing represents a $576 savings when compared to two inside full-page ads. For more information and samples of sponsored space spreads, contact Michael Hostetler at

Three weeks lead time prior to the editorial and ad deadlines are recommended in order to work through the various stages of concept development, production, approval, and signoff.

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