Promotional Supplements and Sponsored Spreads

Promotional supplements give opportunity for church-related organizations to promote their work and vision. The camera-ready supplement is provided by the advertiser and printed on the pages of Canadian Mennonite.

Cost for Promotional Supplements

Sponsored Spreads

The Canadian Mennonite sponsored spread is an opportunity for Mennonite church organizations, businesses, congregations and individuals to sponsor content (both in print and online) designed to contribute to the life and growth of the church across Canada. The content (visual and verbal) could relate to faith, discipleship, ethics, morality, sexuality, peacemaking and others.

Spread sponsors may choose content directly related to their organization’s work and vision. Or they may sponsor content that captures their values, without explicitly or directly promoting their organization. For example, a charitable organization, might sponsor a spread on voluntarism that may attract volunteers to their organization. A congregation might tell the story of how they use their building to benefit their immediate community, as an inspiration for other congregations.

Each year, Canadian Mennonite magazine devotes eight to ten issues to special themes (see chart below). In these issues, special effort is devoted to content development in the following ways:

  1. Correspondents are encouraged to find and write stories related to these themes
  2. Editorial content addresses the focus theme
  3. Advertisers are encouraged to focus their ads around the established theme, if appropriate
  4. Spread sponsors might want shape content around one of the themes. 

Canadian Mennonite offers the following services when developing a spread:

  • specialized writing
  • copy editing and proofreading
  • design and layout 
  • organizational branding and placement of contact information as needed

Spread sponsors get formal recognition on each spread, including their logo and URL and they have full control of the copy. Final sponsor approvals must be reached before the magazine goes to press. Three weeks lead time prior to the editorial and ad deadlines are recommended in order to work through the various stages of concept development, production, approval and signoff.

Pricing represents a $876 savings when compared to two inside full-page ads.

Samples of sponsored space spreads: (coming soon!)


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