Philpott: blanket health coverage for refugees

February 19, 2016

OTTAWA – Health Minister Jane Philpott, along with Immigration Minister John McCallum, have announced blanket health-care coverage for newly arrived refugees, according to the Canadian Press.  This essentially rips up a patchwork coverage put in place by the former Conservative government.  Starting in 2017, the new Liberal government will also extend coverage to certain refugees before they even arrive in Canada, including picking up the tab for medical exams they need to pass in order to move here.  “This will help refugees, it will help health-care providers, it will help Canadians,” said Philpott, the newly-installed health minister who is a member of Community Mennonite Church in Stouffville, Ont.  Look for an upcoming interview with Philpott by Will Braun, CM senior writer.

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