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Will Braun

My wife and I have chosen to keep our sons, aged 3 and 6, out of school, but we're not “homeschoolers.” The whole point of what we do is that it is not school and does not rely on... Read More
February 26, 2014 | God at work in the Church | By Will Braun
As the one-year anniversary of the first apprehensions of children from an Old Order Mennonite community in rural Manitoba came and went, new developments emerged that lent an air... Read More
February 26, 2014 | God at work in the Church | Evelyn Rempel Petkau

Micah Mission coordinator David Feick, left, chats with Father Joseph Jacek at the ‘10,000 Healing Steps’ conference held recently in Saskatoon in an effort to get people out of gangs.

What do Mennonites and former gang members have in common? “Not much,” one might be tempted to reply. But at a recent Saskatoon conference they sat side-by-side learning about... Read More
February 26, 2014 | God at work in the World | Story and Photo by Donna Schulz
As Syrians continue to watch their nation disintegrate, Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) has become a leading Canadian responder there. Its long-standing relationships in the... Read More
February 26, 2014 | God at work in the World | By Will Braun
Victor Dorsch was only 6 years old when the visiting pastor put his hand on his shoulder and said, “You’ll make a minister some day.” That was in 1933 and Dorsch was living on a... Read More
February 26, 2014 | God at work in Us | Dave Rogalsky
Having just become a mother several months ago, I was intrigued to learn that Mothering Mennonite had recently been published, and once the sleepless fog of the early weeks of my... Read More
February 26, 2014 | Artbeat | Reviewed by Susie Guenther Loewen

On a hot day, camper Owen Crouse discovers there is nothing like a dip in the pond at Hidden Acres Mennonite Camp, near New Hamburg, Ont.

The biggest way that camp has affected me is in my faith and my walk with the Lord. For me, this past summer he led me ever so gently with much more grace than I deserve, all... Read More
February 26, 2014 | Focus On | Emily “Coora” Lantz

Kristen Berg, the director of Fraser Lake Camp near Bancroft, Ont., balances her daughter Miriam on her shoulders.

Every summer for as far back as I can remember, I would pack my suitcase a week early in anticipation of going up to Fraser Lake Camp near Bancroft, Ont. I lived for the moment... Read More
February 26, 2014 | Focus On | Kristen Berg

Ontario Mennonite Music Camp staff do their best to look cool at the 2013 talent show. Campers can judge whether they succeeded.

People who attend Ontario Mennonite Music Camp love this camp! They feel welcome and wanted right away, no matter who they are. When I was in my middle school years, I wondered if... Read More
February 26, 2014 | Focus On | Angela Ishaka

MCC is supplying building materials, including plywood and tin sheets similar to those being loaded onto this bicycle-powered rickshaw, to almost 3,000 Filipino families whose homes were destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan. In addition, MCC is paying local people to build the houses in the towns of Naval and Dulag.(Credit: Laura Armstrong/ MCC)

Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) is providing disaster-resistant shelters and basic kitchen utensils for almost 3,000 Filipino families who lost their homes during Typhoon Haiyan... Read More
February 24, 2014 | Web First | Linda Espenshade

Gio Andollo looks for food in the dumpsters in Manhattan, New York. Andollo, who is driven by his faith, goes Dumpster diving about once a week. (RNS photo by Sarah Pulliam Bailey)

As a musician barely scraping by, Gio Andollo looks to trash bins as a way of life. On a recent outing, he carefully untied bags outside a supermarket next to Columbia University... Read More
February 21, 2014 | Web First | Sarah Pulliam Bailey
The Mennonite Church USA Executive Board (EB) spent many hours in executive session working on a statement regarding the inclusion of members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual,... Read More
February 20, 2014 | Web First | Anna Groff

Robyn Sneath’s research on the relationship between education and Old Colony Mennonites was awarded a Trudeau scholarship, one of Canada’s most prestigious doctoral awards. (Photo supplied by Robyn Sneath)

It’s hard to understand Canada’s Old Colony Mennonites without first understanding their views on education. In 1922 about 8,000 Old Colony Mennonites left Canada for Mexico and... Read More
February 18, 2014 | Web First | Kelli Yoder
Ron Krahn: A farmer responds I don’t believe the phrase “farmers feed the world” implies a certain way of producing food. It’s a simple fact. Anyone who engages in the act of... Read More
February 13, 2014 | God at work in the World | Compiled by Will Braun
As a task force we have been publicly silent as perspectives are expressed and information is shared all around us. This silence has been intentional. We want to lead a process... Read More
February 12, 2014 | God at work in the Church |

A reflection on the meaning of life, death and life after death by a Saskatchewan Mennonite Youth Organization member attending this year’s ‘Zombie apocalypse’ winter retreat at the Shekinah Retreat Centre.

A roomful of zombies set the frightful scene for this year’s senior-high retreat organized by the Saskatchewan Mennonite Youth Organization (SMYO). While they weren’t real zombies... Read More
February 12, 2014 | God at work in the Church | Story and Photo by Donna Schulz

Suzanne Gross, back row left, a member of Edmonton First Mennonite Church, and Sam Semier, Julie Saby and Andre Tinio, students at the University of Alberta, pose with their Sudanese music students as part of an applied ethnomusicology course. Christmas Chany, Naigay Bhan and Changkuoth Tut hold instruments donated to Edmonton South Sudanese Mennonite Church by Mennonite Church Alberta; they began learning guitar last November and were able to help lead singing at their church’s anniversary celebration on Jan. 26.

“When people named Rueben, Peter, James, and John show up at your door, you realize it’s a sign from God. . . . When they say they want your help to start a church, you help in... Read More
February 12, 2014 | God at work in the Church | Story and Photo by Donita Wiebe-Neufeld

Will Braun

Without conventional agriculture more people would starve. That is the link commonly drawn between global hunger and the dominant form of North American farming, which depends... Read More
February 12, 2014 | God at work in the World | By Will Braun

Paul and Tabitha Langel are pictured in front of their bakery at the Forks in Winnipeg. ‘We had a vision for a dreamy kind of neighbourhood bakery,’ Tabitha recalls.

Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company is well-known in and around Winnipeg for its gooey cinnamon buns and its organic local baking and preserves, suffusing the marketplace at the... Read More
February 12, 2014 | God at work in Us | By Evelyn Rempel Petkau

Kenna Forrester relaxes with her grandmother Marlene Froese in the Rosthern Junior College student commons.

It is not uncommon to hear people complain about the younger generation. But are today’s youth really all that different than youth of previous generations? Saskatoon grandmother... Read More
February 12, 2014 | God at work in Us | Story and Photo by Donna Schulz
Zealot is a popular presentation of scholarly research on the historical Jesus, read through the lens of Jewish resistance to Roman imperial domination. The main thesis of the... Read More
February 12, 2014 | Artbeat | Reviewed by Amanda Witmer
“Give love to your friends—and your enemies,” Luis Hurtarte whispered, quietly translating as members of the Toronto Mennonite New Life Church sang in Spanish. “Everybody needs... Read More
February 10, 2014 | Web First | Micah Toub

Photo credit: Universal Pops on Flickr Creative Commons

If your congregation cancels the Sunday worship service because of snow and ice, there is no need to stay in bed all morning. Here are some ideas for redeeming the time: 13. Walk... Read More
February 7, 2014 | Web First | Virginia A. Hostetler

Jeff and Suzanne Becker buried father and husband Gilbert Becker naturally, in a hand-carved log casket after his death in Sept. 2013. (Photo by Sally Morrow, RNS)

Growing up in small-town Georgia, John B. Johnson had family friends who ran the funeral home down the street, so the particulars of a typical American funeral — the embalming,... Read More
February 6, 2014 | Web First | Lauren Markoe
A collaboration between two long-time friends and the woodwork of a man with a long history with Mennonite Church Canada are the basis for two exhibitions now showing at the... Read More
February 5, 2014 | Web First | Aaron Epp