Witness workers in China return to Canada

September 27, 2021

After 30 years of serving in Hong Kong, Macau and the mainland of China, Witness workers Tobia and George Veith are returning to Canada. Tobia most recently taught at a Chinese university and George developed Anabaptist resources for use in the church in China. The Veiths have been spending time over the past few weeks with the Macau Mennonite Church, which they were instrumental in starting. “How do you put 30 years into a few words? Relationships, growth, living life, laughter, tears, uncertainty, . . .that’s probably why we need the time of a two-and-a-half-month journey from our last step out our door in Harbin, China, to our first step out our door in Winnipeg, Canada, to bring to words the stories of God’s faithfulness in a complicated time.” The Veiths plan to spend several months visiting and speaking in Mennonite Church congregations across Canada, and they will finish their term with Mennonite Church Canada at the end of January 2022. “While we will no longer have any Witness workers in China, our commitment to ministry and partners there remains,” says Jeanette Hanson, director of International Witness. “We appreciate the Witness Support Network of Mennonite Church Canada congregations committed to ministry in China and hope to continue working together with our Chinese siblings in faith,” she says.

—Mennonite Church Canada


George and Tobia Veith.

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