Voices Together taking pre-orders, website redesign goes live

August 19, 2019

HARRISONBURG, Va.—MennoMedia is now taking pre-orders for Voices Together, the new hymnal releasing in fall 2020. Pre-order sales of the new worship and song collection coincide with the launch of the newly designed VoicesTogetherHymnal.org website. The updated site includes information on the hymnal’s table of contents, FAQs, bundles and ordering information, samples of projection edition files, and much more. “The redesigned website integrates the stories of Voices Together work with the visual identity of the suite of products,” says Bradley Kaufman, project director for Voices Together. Several churches have already placed pre-orders for Voices Together products, taking advantage of pre-order and prepayment discounts. “While the release of the Voices Together collection is still more than a year away, many congregations are eager to pre-order,” says Amy Gingerich, executive director of MennoMedia. “This tremendous early support for the new worship and song collection speaks to the ways that the committee has prayerfully undertaken its work and listened to feedback from across the church.”



MennoMedia is now taking pre-orders for Voices Together. (Photo courtesy of VoicesTogetherHymnal.org)

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