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Honour Walk Send Off

As our friends participating with the Honour Walk prepare for their three-week walk to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in honor of residential school survivors, we invite you to join us in walking alongside them for a brief while and sending them off with our blessings. We will be walking from Canadian Mennonite University to the West perimeter highway on the morning of March 6, taking about an hour and a half. Walkers will then be driving to Stony Knoll to begin the walk to Edmonton. 

EVENT: Honour Walk

In the last season of my life have been engaged in learning how to love and honour my Aboriginal neighbours. I  have been journeying with some friends and as a group we have longed to love honour residential school survivors, and we are doing so with an event we are calling an Honour Walk

More than a word

Recently, I posted on Facebook about the term “friend zone.” I’ve often heard it used to victimize guys who can’t deal with rejection and vilify women who turn down “nice guys.” For example, “I heard she totally friend-zoned him the other day.”

The post has nearly 40 comments now, with more than 70 likes.

CoSA's 5th Annual 'Journeys to Wholeness' Fundraiser

Heads Up! Circles of Support and Accountablity, a restorative justice initiative in Winnipeg, MB, is having a fundraiser and awareness night TOMORROW!

Dates: Sat, Feb 01, 2014

Time: 6:30-9:00pm

Join them for an evening of bowling, celebration snacks and raffle prizes, all in the name of building safer communities and healthier lives when people are released from prison.

Location:  768 Mountain Ave. (St. John Cantius Frat. Soc.), Winnpeg MB

Tickets:  $25 or $15 for low income (call CoSA to order)

A Prayer in Spoken Word for Joy Advent: Isaiah 35

Pt. I – Anticipation

Behold! This is the season of waiting. We mirror

And remember the shadows and hints of prophetic words

That were actualized in the birth and life of Christ

These weeks of waiting are reminders of the preparations

And promises that the Lord gives us in participating

In the narrative of Christ and in celebration of this season

As we are and were in deserts, we with the life of the Christ,

Are given gladness. In barren lands our thirst will be satisfied.

Icons and Incarnation

We Mennonites hail from a rather iconoclastic tradition, but Christmas seems to be a partial exception to this. You see, this is a time of year when many of us set up small scenes of miniature statues – almost shrines – of Mary, Joseph, the newborn Jesus, and their many visitors, divine, agrarian, royal, and animal. Nativity scenes give form and dimension to the biblical narratives of that night and its incredible, paradoxical event: that of God becoming incarnate, God being born as we all are, and coming to dwell among human beings as one of us.

Prayers for a Peace Leader

In reading Nelson Mandela biography, as well as a book by Richard Stengel called 'Mandela's Way', I was inspired to write the prayer of a peace leader. This prayer is informed by the many lessons and values that can be found in the astonishing life of Nelson Mandela. It is meant to be a communal prayer, but it can also be read as a personal one. I share this prayer with you, with this encouragement; we are all leaders, we can all bring peace to the places we live in.


Prayers of a Peace Leader


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