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Sport is not our saviour

If I could eliminate one thing from the lives of church-going teenagers today, it would be sports. This might come as a surprise to people, since I love sports and am incredibly competitive. There is almost nothing that can’t be turned into a competition when I’m in the room. Still, sports have become a problem—a big problem.

Dreaming for Extinction: FASD and Generational Trauma

Now, as I am quite sure is realized, I am by no means a fulltime blogger. What do I do with the rest my time? Well, I am studying for my masters degree, and I work with a restorative justice program.  My study and my practical work inform one another in ways that are gifts - and yet I still have a dream that what I study and what I work with will one day no longer exist. 

On the Trinity

I’ve been thinking lately about the Trinity, the central way that Christians throughout history have expressed who God is to us – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. From recent conversations both at church and in academic circles, I’ve come to realize that for many Mennonites, the Trinitarian nature of the divine is crucial. One such person was my uncle, the late Mennonite theologian A.

Mary at the Foot of the Cross

As we experience another Holy Week leading up to Easter, I’m thinking of Mary, the mother of Jesus. I know, she’s not the first biblical figure who comes to mind at this time of year – we tend to associate her almost exclusively with the church seasons of Advent and Christmas – but if we look to the Gospel narratives of Jesus’ life we find that Mary reappears at the end of her son’s life. And I really do mean that she reappears.

Important reminders

How would I act differently if I carried a Bible in my hand everywhere I went?

Since A Year of Reading Biblically began, I’ve kept my Bible in my bag along with my notebooks, pens and whatever magazine or book I happen to currently be reading, so that I can do my daily Bible reading on the bus or during lunchtime at work if I don’t manage to do it first-thing in the morning.


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