Supporting comforter makers across Saskatchewan

April 13, 2022

For many Mennonite volunteers in Saskatchewan, quilting and making comforters is both a ministry and passion. One woman is trying to ensure that these volunteers are equipped with what they need for this ministry. Charlotte Bueckert of Dalmeny, Sask., has started a GoFundMe page to provide supplies to material-resource volunteers across the province. According to Bueckert, the idea for the fundraiser grew out of a very simple challenge: “The desire from volunteers to provide warmth for children through the Prince Albert Literacy Network in Saskatchewan was becoming greater than the funds available to do the task. The volunteerism outgrew the financial resources. so the logical step was to broaden the base of financial supporters through a GoFundMe page, in order to keep this volunteer group equipped with materials and supplies. The act of ‘comfortering’ by an ecumenical group of quilters from Langham, Sask., quickly became part of this broad vision, expanding the scope to include purchasing materials needed for the making of comforters to be shipped by Mennonite Central Committee to international distribution partners.” As funds come in, the money will be distributed to volunteer groups who have needs. More information about the project can be found at

—By Emily Summach


A screenshot from ‘A Comforter for Every Child Go Fund Me’ page. (Screenshot by Charlotte Bueckert)

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